Sidekick FAQs

1. What does a Sidekick do?

We line up Sidekicks to help busy households in the areas of errands, laundry, simple meal preparation, household projects, household organization, and household management.

2. Do Sidekicks provide child care in addition to household assistance?

Sidekicks are not permitted to care for children. However, Sidekick’s sister agency, The Nanny Network, places in-home child care providers with families who also need moderate household help. If you meet the requirements for working as a nanny, please complete an application if you’re not already registered!

3. Do Sidekicks Clean?

Our Sidekicks do not provide deep cleaning services, however they can help keep a house tidy and do household chores. Examples include taking out the garbage, loading/unloading the dishwasher, sweeping the floor, wiping down counter tops, doing laundry, light ironing, and vacuuming.

4. What types of jobs do you place Sidekicks into?

We offer full-time, part-time and temporary Sidekick positions. Our temporary positions can last anywhere from 1-day to 6+months. Households also engage Sidekick services for seasonal and project-based help.

5. Are Sidekicks employees of the agency or of the homeowner?

Sidekicks are the household employee of the homeowner, and to that end, are paid directly by the homeowner.

6. What is the compensation rate for Sidekicks?

In Baltimore, temporary Sidekicks (i.e., Sidekick Shorty and Sidekick Steady) make $18 per hour and are paid directly by the homeowner. Super Sidekicks in Baltimore earn between $15-25 per hour, pre-tax, and negotiate the rate directly with the employer.

In Washington, DC, temporary Sidekicks make $20 per hour and are paid directly by the homeowner. Super Sidekicks earn between $18-30 per hour, pre-tax.

7. There can be a lot of driving with some Sidekick positions, so how does the pay work? What hours are Sidekicks paid for?

Sidekicks are not paid for their commute to and from the job; however, the time spent driving to take care of various errands is paid. 

8. What does it cost Sidekicks to work with your service?

Nothing! There is no cost for Sidekicks to work with our agency. 

9. What do I do if a homeowner asks me to do a task that I feel is outside the bounds of Sidekick duties?

We do our best to educate our Sidekicks and clients on what a Sidekick does and does not do. There can be a number of chores/tasks related to running a household, so it is impossible for us to provide a comprehensive list of requests that maybe asked of you.

As a Sidekick, it is your job to to help with reasonable household tasks to lighten the load. If a client asks you to do something that you feel is unreasonable, give us a call so we can talk it through. Generally, if you are asked to perform a housekeeping task (for example) on a one-off basis, it is reasonable. However, If it becomes a pattern, it is important you let the client know that that is outside the scope of your services but you would be happy to research other companies/options for them to consider.

10. Do I have to have all-day availability to be a Sidekick?

No, you do not. Sidekick was designed to offer flexible household support  and works to provide part-time opportunities to those who only have part-time availability. Full-time jobs are available but are not the only option.