Life is busier than ever. Let your trusty Sidekick help you manage the minutia, so you can focus on the things that really matter.

“Regardless of income, people who spend money on time-saving
purchases report greater life satisfaction."

            - 2017 University of British Columbia & Harvard Business School study








Make time for the things that matter

Ever wish there were more hours in the day?  What would you give to have more quality time with a loved one, to chase a dream, or pursue a passion?  What if it meant also spending less time doing tedious tasks like picking up dry cleaning, returning items to stores, or grocery shopping?  A Sidekick makes this possible!


reduce stress and improve your mood

The financial and emotional toll of stress is plaguing America.  It's resulting in lost time at work, poor health, increased medical expenses, shorten life spans, and strained relationships.  For less than you spend on takeout, a Sidekick can take on a list of undesirable tasks resulting in less stress and an increased sense of well-being.



Find the perfect solution - and peace of mind

Let's be real, you don't have time to waste scouring the web and interviewing unqualified candidates, especially when it comes to something as important as your household.  We have decades of experience recruiting, vetting and matching candidates to ensure we find you the perfect fit. Our process is easy and customized so that we find you just the amount of support you need.  All of our Sidekicks are extensively screened, professionally trained and ready to make a difference in your life.  We are here to help - give us a call with questions, or jump right in, complete our online registration and get on your way to hiring your very own Sidekick!


gain access to our home management manual & more!

 By partnering with us you also get access to our proprietary Sidekick Playbook that will serve as an easy-to-find hub for all your important household information.  This guide includes household best practices, procedures, maintenance schedules, contact information for service providers, information on time-saving technologies, and more! Help your household become the well-oiled machine we know it can be!



Take a step towards a more balanced life today.

Balance is not something you find it’s something you create.
— Jana Kingsford